The Hope window by Brian Gebo

When I was going to begin this window I was living in a house and remodeling it for an attorney I had previously met and worked for.  I built the frame first, so I had my pattern size.

So my spiritual state at the time was, "IF GOD AINT IN IT, THEN I DON'TWANT NO PART OF IT" Right, so first I did the praying hands. I added the cross and put the cloud for the return of Jesus. 

So I am building this on a table i had setup in the basement of this house in my work area.

After filling in all the pieces and completing the first side, you have to be careful and lift the piece up and flip it over to solder the other side. I stood the window up and the light came through the basement window and this window seemed to just Glow, and at that instant The Lord Spoke To Me and said "THIS COULD NOT COME OUT OF YOU IF I WAS NOT IN YOU"  I was so full of the spirit I finished the window and installed it into the frame.

I had no time to waste, I had been in the house 3 months, it was finished and the next day I had to leave and had no place to put anything like this. My thinking is, I can't leave it in the basement of this house right? So I really didn't know where I was going to put it, but it was going somewhere.

I took the window and walked down Bay stree in springfield Ma and headed towards state street. I walked down state street and there on the left side accross from STCC is "Holy Grounds Cafe"

I walked in the door and Pastor Cooley was standing inside the door about ten feet, and I said to him "Man I have something for you",and he said "Oh you got just what I need" and I he was just looking at the window and he says, "I don't have the money to pay for that" and I replied "How much you got?" and he says  "couple hundred bucks".  I said "I'll tell you what, I'll give you the window, you give me the $200 and I'll come and install it tomarow" We shook hands and went looking where to put the window.  He chose the space above the door that goes to the prayer room upstairs. So that is where the window is now.